West Hendon Playing Fields Design Contest

Designing a transformational greenspace for the local community

West Hendon Playing Fields is a large public open space located in the London Borough of Barnet near to West Hendon. The park contains a range of amenities and facilities including two tennis courts, a popular playground, and football pitches, all set within a traditional park setting - making it one of the largest recreation grounds in Barnet. There is a significant ecological contribution from the site itself and its surroundings. The site has been identified for investment in facilities, access, and its identity.

The London Borough of Barnet (LBB), in partnership with the Landscape Institute (LI), is launching a two-stage design contest to select an outstanding designer or team of designers to prepare design proposals for a wide-ranging and comprehensive package of improvements to transform the West Hendon Playing Fields from its current form to an exemplary destination park. The LBB intends to award a contract to the winning entrant for the development of the winning scheme, with a total project budget of £18.8m.

There are clear opportunities to develop facilities and services that not only meet local need for improved sports and community facilities, but exploit the unique nature and location of the site, particularly linked to its Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designation. As well as developing a new sports hub and community facilities for local residents, there is an opportunity to improve basic pedestrian and cycle route connections to and around the wider site. 

Councillor Alan Schneiderman, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee

"We are delighted to be progressing with this ambitious project to completely transform West Hendon Playing Fields. This will create a magnificent green space in the heart of an otherwise very urban area for everyone to enjoy. We hope that this will become a place that people want to visit. With the right landscape architect leading this project, we’re sure we can make our vision a reality."