How to Enter

Entering the competition

The competition is open to all, whether based in the UK or overseas. Landscape practitioners, urban designers, artists, architects and other built environment professionals and students are encouraged to work together in presenting proposals.

To enter the ideas competition, entrants are required to submit their entries via the online form. You can start on your electronic submission on the website, save your work and continue/edit your submission till the submission deadline of 5pm December 4 2020

Once you click ‘submit’ your entry will be complete and you will no longer be able to amend it. 

When you submit your entry, you will receive an email confirmation with a summary of your submission, and a Unique Registration Number which you should use if you need to contact the Landscape Institute about your entry. 

Your entry will be judged solely on your two A3 boards, which must be submitted as a single PDF (maximum file size is 100MB). Make sure that your A3 boards include all the information and images that you would like the judges to take into consideration. Make sure that your PDF file name is in the format Title of Project. For example, Selkie Square Project.  Read the Competition Brief for more information about what to include in your A3 boards.


Professional category 

Entries in the professional category are invited from the following: 

  • Individuals  
  • Teams made up of individuals from varying disciplines 

Collaborations are encouraged between landscape practitioners and other built environment professionals or people from the creative industries but no specific qualifications or memberships are required in order to enter.

The best professional category proposal will receive a cash prize of £2000. 

Student category

Entries in the student category are invited from the following: 

  • Individual students currently registered on a graduate or postgraduate course  
  • Teams of students, with teams made up of individuals currently registered on graduate and/or postgraduate courses of varying disciplines. Multidisciplinary teams that incorporate artists and engineers are particularly encouraged 

The best student category proposal will receive a cash prize of £500.  

Key Dates

  • 6 October
    Competition launch
  • 27 November
    Final questions to be submitted before midnight
  • 4 December
    Submissions open to 5pm GMT
  • 7 December
    Judging panel meets
  • 9 December
    Online exhibition of all entrants
  • 15 December
    Announcement of the winners and accolades during the 2020 President’s Review. Online exhibition updated with winners

Other terms and conditions

  • The copyright of all work remains with the students/ authors of the work. However all entrants, by submitting their design, allow an irrevocable royalty-free licence to the Landscape Institute to use the materials in the online exhibition and other activities relating to the competition. 
  • The decisions of the jury in all matters relating to this competition will be final. 
  • In the event of a member of the judging panel being unable to act through illness or any other cause, the organisers may appoint a replacement.  
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the timetable at any time. 
  • The organisers will not be held responsible for any costs incurred. 
  • Entrants may enter multiple projects. So long as each entry is a unique one, with its own unique registration number, you may enter as many times as you like. 


  • £2,000
    First prize practitioner
  • £500
    First prize student
  • Sponsor accolades

Download a PDF

Download the How to Enter information as a PDF document