Xin Wang

The narration of a crack-the revival of a city park after double strikes

The site was originally a campus that experienced earthquakes in the 20th century and COVID-19 in the 21st. Residents who have experienced two disasters yearn for a healthy living. The site design is unfolded with the self- narration of scars, telling how to repair the two traumas and wake up the healthy living in the city. Maximize the preservation and reuse of the earthquake sites and tree clusters within the site. Use plants to heal and isolate people and provide green breathing Spaces for residents. Under the disaster, unite and help each other, remember the history, face the future.

Entrant Name

Xin Wang


Project credit:Associate professor, Deputy director of environmental Design Weiguo Hao
View: different communication space, natural renewal succession, historical retrospection, information feedback.
We design the outdoor cinema, leisure maze, understory space, shared farmland, forest education, popular science understory green space, walking path and running path are designed to meet the requirements of residents for different Spaces and different physical distance in the post-epidemic era.

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