Yanzhou Chen


Objective and Vision:
Our team proposed a new therapeutic and defence mechanism of shared and productive waterfront landscape along the river for the next 180 years through dynamic sediment transport to effectively respond to current and future human and environmental crisis, and ultimately achieve resilient urban tide-adaptive ecosystem for diverse socio-ecological as well as economic benefits. The initial intervention will be implemented on the highly eroded polders as the pilot project. The process includes three key phases:
01 – Protect the Riverfront; 02 – Recover from “Illness”; 03 – Back to Prosperity

Entrant Name

Yanzhou Chen


This extraordinarily far-reaching plan addresses the long-term prospect of human and environmental crisis in the Qiantang Estuary that is the inevitable effect of anthropogenic disturbance and climate change. Facing the issues of enormous complexity in one of the most densely populated regions in the world, the planners have proposed a phased 180-year adaptation strategy for green recovery and socio-ecological regeneration.

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