Shahaf Zakay

NATURE WORKS | Redefining Urban Workspaces as a Framework for Well-Being in Everyday Life

At a time where our life routines are constantly changing – disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic – lockdowns and isolation demonstrate more than ever the critical part played by immediate surroundings on our physical and mental wellbeing. The presence of natural environments in our daily landscapes becomes a real necessity.

The project aspires to create balance and harmony between nature and man, enabling normal life patterns to exist. It aims to provide enhanced biophilic surroundings, as an inherent part of everyday routines. As work environments occupy a significant portion of our time, they constitute a design anchor and a planning strategy. Outdoor workspaces and nature-based facilities are suggested, to create a sustainable mixed-use complex – offering daily connections with nature, in a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Entrant Name

Shahaf Zakay


Landscape Architect Shahaf Zakay | Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning | Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Faculty Advisors:
Landscape Architect Daphna Greenstein
Landscape Architect Sofia Sella
Associate Professor Tal Alon-Mozes

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