IT IS OURS-Street Space Promotion Design in Ipoh Old Town

A cultural landmark in Malaysia, Ipoh was once a colony where eastern and western cultures mingled. However, with the increasing prosperity of IPOH, the public space here is getting smaller, especially in the post-epidemic era, citizen’s demand for health has also increased sharply. The site with 89300m² is located in the center of IPoh Old Town, we try to create a shared open space with leisure and health in a limited site by inserting second-floor, which not only improved the quality of activity space, but also generated more interaction between tourist and native, thereby bringing more vitality to IPoh Old Town.

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The project was completed by two students from University Putra Malaysia, and we are very grateful for the supervisor’s guidance and the support of the Faculty of Design and Architecture. In addition, we hope the project will provide new ideas and references for the construction of the urban landscape.

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