Welcome message from Selux

​Welcome message from Selux

The social and environmental benefits of thoughtfully planned and executed landscape design have long been appreciated. Its ability to bring communities together has never been more important at a time when there seems to be so much that divides us. Adversity being the mother of invention, we are certainly not short of inspiration! 

Created to develop battery powered chargeable lighting in 1948 Berlin, Selux helped the city function during the regular power cuts of a society still scarred by war. When the Berlin wall fell in 1989 Selux expanded our infrastructure in to East Germany as part of a national project to re- integrate long separated societies. This desire to improve the lives of those around us still moves us forward which is why we feel it so important to support this competition. We want to reach out to landscape professionals to show that excellent product design using environmentally sustainable materials is available now that can be enjoyed for decades. During the day, luminaires serve as outdoor adornment, integrated naturally into the design of its space, and at night, fulfil a purpose by providing orientation, security and conveying emotion. 

Who would have thought this time last year that the greatest threat to humanity following the hot and cold wars of the 20th Century would face us today. But there are opportunities alongside the crisis not least a greater appreciation for environment locally and globally; a new role and elevated status for local community and debate around how we value each other. 

Selux’ stated aim since we were founded over 70 years ago has been to help make exceptional spaces to live and work. We hope our products help you to do just that as you develop your vision of our new world and look forward to reviewing your entries. 

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