Welcome message from Vestre

Welcome message from Vestre

Along with sustainability, one of our core ambitions at Vestre is to help create social meeting places. Where better to do this than in our high streets and associated spaces, that often have so much potential and yet, in many of our towns and cities, are currently failing to deliver what residents and visitors alike want from them? We hope this competition will bring out innovative, disruptive, caring, and achievable proposals to reinvigorate our public spaces at a time where renewal and recovery is urgently needed.  

As global population expands, migration increases, and our urban areas become ever more crowded, we see the world is becoming increasingly polarised and many people are experiencing the erosion of trust and cohesion in their neighbourhoods. It can never be good to divide people into them and us – all of us have a professional and personal responsibility to reduce antagonism and avoid conflict.  

Everyday democracy

One way for us to do this is to build more arenas for inclusive fellowship: places and spaces where people can share life experiences, exchange ideas, sit down over a meal and get to know each other. Your task as landscape professionals is to design and deliver these places; our task at Vestre is to help create such spaces. Whether in urban settings or village squares, we need people to meet across social, cultural and economic lines in caring and social meeting places. This is what we at Vestre call everyday democracy. 

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