Welcome message from GreenBlue Urban

Welcome message from GreenBlue Urban

GreenBlue Urban are excited to sponsor this competition to increase awareness of the urgent need of rethinking our public realm. In the light of the current pandemic, our urban green landscape has acquired increased importance and we have never needed it more.  

The competition website brilliantly showcases the opportunity available to landscape architects and urban designers globally to reimagine our public space. GreenBlue Urban have always been forward thinking; providing innovative design support that enable trees to grow to maturitybringing the incalculable benefitspotentially for centuries. It is critical that the needs of the tree long-term are considered at planting stage and provided for up-front.  

Collaborative working is a skill that needs to be learned, and we at GreenBlue Urban are seeing a new generation of designers who are embracing multi-disciplinary operation.  


The complete ArborSystem with ArborFlow incorporates all the elements that provide for long term tree canopy health, sustainable stormwater drainage and now with ArborCharge to incorporate EV charging to combat air pollution.  Read more about the Arborsystem here: 

Many of our towns and cities are revising their strategies and as we reinvent our streets and public spaces we need to think about not only the change in the way we use our spaces, but the way the climate is changing. Warmer and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers will mean that we will need large trees for drainage and trees for cooling. 

Making our streets healthy, safe and pleasant places must be a priority for every practitioner; we look forward to seeing the incredible visions of a brighter cleaner greener future during this fantastic competition.