St. Cuthbert’s Garden Village Carlisle

St Cuthbert’s secured Garden Village status in January 2017 and is the largest of the Garden Villages in the north. Led by Carlisle City Council, the garden village team has worked extensively with local communities, key stakeholders and the extensive range of private landowners for over three years to develop the proposals. St Cuthbert’s will meet the need for sustainable housing growth over the next 30 years, making Carlisle the place of choice for those wishing to feel the benefits of living in the countryside with the convenience, connectivity and opportunities of a major city. The garden village ‘Starts with the Park’ where the delivery and long term stewardship of the green and blue infrastructure will encourage a new healthier way of living, enhancing the health and well-being of both future residents of St Cuthbert’s and the existing population of Carlisle.

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