Thank you and goodbye

13.02.2017 | category: General
The Brown Family memorial at St. Peter & St. Paul's Church in Fenstanton ©Ceryl Evans
The Brown Family memorial at St. Peter & St. Paul's Church in Fenstanton ©Ceryl Evans

2016 was a year of "Great Capabilites". The name "Capability" Brown is recognised up and down the land and across the world, so much so that one of the questions for the 2017 Life in the UK Citizenship test now asks “Which landscape architect designed grounds around country houses so that the landscape appeared to be natural, with grass, trees and lakes?” I’m sure we don’t need to give you the correct answer.

The Capability Brown Festival has been the first ever national celebration of historic landscapes and we hope that the increased interest in Capability Brown but also in other historic landscape will have a long lasting legacy. We hope that 2016 is just the beginning of a renewed public interest and understanding of historical landscapes.  

The Festival would not have been possible without the support of all our partners and funders and the thousands of people who have given their time and expertise. The Festival acted as a catalyst for a huge number of events in 2016, making the tercentenary of Brown’s birth a true celebration of the man, his work and his legacy.

This is the very last newsletter and article of the Capability Brown Festival. Thank you for reading our newsletters and for the feedback which has been shared with us. A particularly big thank you to all the people who have written articles and generously shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with us.

We decided to issue the last newsletter on 16th February, the date of Lancelot Brown’s burial as recorded in the parish register of the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Fenstanton.  A memorial to Brown and his family sits in the chancel, near the altar. The memorial was added as a specific item of interest to Historic England’s Grade 1 listing of the church this summer, and the church and community at Fenstanton are fundraising to raise money for the restoration of the monument. You can support them here, and help continue the legacy of Lancelot “Capability” Brown. 

About the Author: Ceryl Evans, Director, Capability Brown Festival.