2016 is just the beginning...

13.02.2017 | category: General

The Capability Brown Festival of 2016 may be over but you can still explore Brown's sites and find out about his legacy. Over the coming month we are putting more information online so that anyone who wants to know about his work or see it for themselves can easily find what they need. 

Keep an eye on the research page of the website where more information will be added over the coming weeks. Resources include a leaflet on Biodiversity and Brown, explaining the biodiversity at the sites where he worked, and a guide to 'reading' the different features in his landscapes, to help you get more out of visiting them. There are also links to books, aerial maps, and lots of other online information - everything you need to find out about his work.  

Much of what we know about Brown comes from historic maps, letters and account records that have survived. Find out more on the information pages on over one hundred of Brown's landscapes which are being added to the map of Capability Brown sites. Where available, they will show Brown's surveys and plans that have survived. On some of the larger sites that participated in the Festival you will also be able to download a leaflet including a specially drawn map showing Brown's work.

These pages also include links to other online information. You can have the thrill of seeing Brown's own handwriting in the entries he made about that site in his only surviving account book on the RHS website. Links to the Historic England listing entry explains what landcape historians think is particularly significant about each site and why it should be protected. Every landscape has a different story, whether told through Brown's own words from letters to clients or notes in his account book, or through the painstaking work of researchers looking for clues in historic maps, bank records and other documents to piece together Brown's work at an estate.

We hope that all this will inspire you to visit more of Brown's magnificent landscapes and help you understand what you see. 

About the author: Susannah Charlton is the Capability Brown Festival's Knowledge Project consultant.